Welcome to Digifone VOIP

We are a revolutionary VoIP service provider that is owned and operated by Interphos UK. Our mission is to provide telephone users with a real alternative to the complex VoIP packages that are currently available. Here at Digifone we are dedicated to saving you money and nothing else.

Real VoIP for Real Savings

Does it seem to you that everyone is doing VoIP?  But the question is, is it the real thing?

Using leading edge technology, we have developed a simple user unit than will allow anyone with a broadband connection to make calls to anywhere in the world for free. And we really do mean free, because unlike many other providers Digifone:

  • Doesn't require any expensive subscriptions or fees
  • Doesn't require complex software downloads
  • Doesn't require a personal computer of any kind
  • Only requires a broadband line
  • Uses your existing telephone, transforming it into a VoIP phone
  • Provides REAL VoIP benefits - almost anywhere in the world.

Its incredible but true, Digifone is the only true hardware plug in & play VoIP available to everyone!

Is it that Easy?

In simple terms, yes. Digifones fantastic technology is designed to be simple and easy to use, and doesn't require you to use your PC. You simply can't go wrong.

Why should I trust Digifone?

If your a residential user or a business user, think about all the money you spend on your calls? With high call rates that are combined with the compulsory line rental charges, many people are simply paying too much. Its unnecessary and its costly, because the technology is available today to give you the best of the digital world.  Digifone uses powerful award winning technology that far surpasses anything currently available in the UK. It is simply unbeatable. 

So go on, make a choice and join Digifone for the VoIP revolution thats happening right now.